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How to grow seeds

If the seedlings are stretched, fresh earth is poured into them. When 2-3 leaves appear on the seedlings, the seedlings can be dived. In order not to damage the seedling, you can use a small fork. The purpose of picking is to cause a small plant to grow additional roots. This is achieved by pinching the lower part of the root. The pinched seedling should be planted in a pot, the earth around it should be slightly compacted, watered and put in the shade for a while. Now it remains only to wait until the seedlings grow and get stronger. Seedling care consists of regular watering and, if necessary, fertilizing with complex fertilizers. As you can see, it is not difficult to grow seeds at home. The place for seedlings should be well lit. If there is a lack of light, you can use lamps. The air temperature should be at least 23 degrees.

545 11/11/2021